Escape Dublin - What are Escape Rooms?

If you’re in any doubt as to what escape rooms are today, we’re going to fill you in. that way you’ll know why they’re so popular and also what to expect when you come to see us here in Dublin. We hope that by having a better understanding of what they are, you’ll be feeling confident enough to try it out yourself. 

Escape rooms are designed to test people’s abilities and to encourage teamwork, as well as provide a fun environment where you can let your hair down and enjoy some quality time with friends and family. We think our Escape Games let you do that. For one hour, you’re locked in a room with up to 6 people and you must find a series of clues which are secreted just about everywhere you can think of, once you’ve found them, you have to work them out in order to escape the room within the hour. 

Themed Rooms

All of the rooms here at Escape Dublin are themed. These themes are usually taken from popular culture and are designed to make the game more interesting and fun. There’s room for role play and if even if you’re not into that, you can still enjoy losing yourself to your imagination in any of our rooms, whether it’s sci fi, crime thriller or magic.

You’re on borrowed time.

There’s only one hour to get out. However, if you don’t get it the first time, and many of our first-time visitors don’t, you can always come back again and try as many times as you like. This is all about fun and enjoying time out with friends, it’s not always about the winning. If you’re competitive then of course beating the clock is everything, but don’t forget that if you don’t – there’s always room for another try and another visit. We always love seeing our customers come back again.

Escape Dublin – so are you ready for the escape room challenge?

We certainly hope you are because we can’t wait to see you here. Book your room online or on the phone and make your way to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you’re already in Dublin – lucky you. Escape Games Dublin is waiting for you. 

Why are Escape Rooms So Popular?

If you’ve heard lots of stories about escape rooms and you’re starting to wonder what all the fuss is about then let us not keep you in the dark a moment longer. Here in Dublin we see people spill into our venue every day and we know how popular they are with gamers, family, students, corporate teams and others from all walks of life. 

The escape games are popular here in Dublin because although it’s challenging, it asks only for one hour out of your life and that’s not a big commitment. With life being so hectic and demanding it’s good to no you can sign off from it for a short time, setting your imagination free and escaping the rat race for just 60 minutes.

Did we say imagination?

Well yes, you can really escape into the world of your imagination, so said Willy Wonka, so while you’re escaping the room you’re escaping inside your head at the same time. Shall we explain? What we mean by that is that the escape rooms are all themed, and the choice of themes are taken from popular culture. They could be anything from Harry Potter (magic), Area 51 (science fiction) and Contagion (dystopian). The ones we have here at Dublin are, Witchcraft and Wizardry, Espionage and EMCU Trials. 

There’s enough room for the fun to begin

The rooms will accommodate from 2 to 6 people, and in that time, you will be in the themed room of your choice trying to find your way out. This time will be spent searching for clues which will be hidden everywhere you can think of. It will be your job and that of your friends to find the clues, so you can crack the code and escape the room within the hour. 

Who Enjoys Escape Rooms?

The escape rooms are extremely popular with a variety of different people as we’ve already seen, but who are these people? Well, we have corporate teams who bring their most prized team members to crack the escape rooms because they’re so good at team building, helping people to bond with each other and grow in confidence. It’s also a great way to discover hidden talents and find out who’s got the best problem-solving skills, communication or analytical skills.

Escape games are also popular with students

Escape rooms provide a break away from the routine of study and work and allows them to relax and unwind with friends while also providing the opportunity to break the ice with new arrivals. 

Friends and Family Groups

Finally, escape games are popular with friends and family who are here to celebrate family events and other celebration such as anniversaries, birthdays, or hen or stag dos. It’s also great for a quick getaway if you’ve come here to shop, look round and you just either want to get out of the rain or you’re looking to end your visit to Dublin with a unique experience.

Escape Dublin – Premier Escape Rooms

Now you know why escape rooms are so popular with the general public, perhaps you’d like to book a room yourself. You can book online or on the phone, we can’t wait to hear from you so come on down!

The Games at Escape Dublin

The games at Escape Dublin are all about testing your wits, allowing you to spend quality time with friends and family, or allowing you to monitor your corporate team to see what they’re best at, and for identifying strengths and weaknesses. We’re bound to say how great we think they are, but, well…they are. Question is, when are you going to come to Dublin and find out for yourself?

Here at Dublin we have our own special ones which are as follows – 


This is all about well, spying. And in the espionage room you’ll find a room that’s decorated to look just like any other apartment. The only snag is there’s a twist to this room. It’s essential you find the clues and find your way out in an hour – because if you don’t, anything could happen.

EMCU Trials

This where you get to launch yourself into the escape mysterious crimes unit and work through some serious training by doing the multiple-choice test, that is find some clues and then work them out in order to escape within the hour. Can you do it?

Witchcraft & Wizardry

Our witchcraft and wizardry game is all about Harry Potter. If you want to find your wand, which is hidden in this castle-like-room, you’ll have to find and then solve the puzzles first. Although you might find that you enjoy your time in the room so much fun you don’t want to escape at all!

Escape Dublin – For games with a difference

If you like what you hear, then why not book a room with us, either online or on the phone and then find your way down to us here on Aungier Street. We can’t wait to see you and we know you’ll have the best time. Whether you’re a small team or a large one, we know we’ve got the best game waiting for you, so come on down.

Escape Room FAQs

When you visit Escape Dublin we want you to enjoy yourself, whoever it is you bring, whether it’s friends, fellow students or your team mates from work. So, we’ve come up with some popular questions and provided answers, so you’ll feel as prepared as you’re going to be once you come on down and visit us. 

What is the Escape game phenomena?

Escape games are team-based games where you are locked in a room with around 2 to 5 people ideally. Once you’re locked in you’ll have to find some clues and solve them as part of a series of challenges and once you solve them all you can get out, that’s once you’ve obtained the key to the door. 

Why this type of game?

This type of game is gaining in popularity because it’s different, it’s fun and it’s perfect as an ice breaker, a way to bond friends, students corporate team members who are in need of a day out to get to know each other. Escape games are ideally designed to celebrate big events too, such as hen and stag dos, anniversaries and birthdays. They’re such a great way for friends and family to catch up with each other and simply enjoy some quality time together. 

Are there age restrictions?

No there aren’t really. However, we would suggest that the puzzles and clues we use here may be a little too demanding for those under the age of 10. If there are children under the age of 16, we would suggest they’re accompanied by an adult. 

I suffer with claustrophobia so should I still come?

The rooms are a lot bigger than you’d imagine, but if you’re worried about it then we can always leave them unlocked, you’ll still have a fantastic time. 

What is the maximum/minimum team size?

We suggest that in order to enjoy the game more, that there are around two members at a minimum, and 6 as a maximum total, so you’re not on top of each other. 

How much time is needed?

Obviously, there’s an hour when you’re in the room, but we’ll have to brief you first before you go on, so we’d advise that you allow for an hour and a half. That way we have time to brief you and then you’ll have your allotted time of 60 minutes in the room. 

Escape Dublin – for great times with friends and family

If you think you may have more questions to ask and you haven’t found the answers here, why not get in touch with us here at Escape Dublin and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions. Once you’re satisfied with the answers, pick up the phone and book your escape room, we’ll see you there!

Escape Room Hints and Tips

Are you trying to arrange an escape room activity and need some tips on how to get out within the time limit? Well you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to talk you through a few little hints and tips we think may help, for inside the room and out.

Work as a Team

Firstly, the team. You’re going to be locked in a room with a group of people and you’re going to have to work together. If it’s a work team building exercise the whole point is to bond with new and existing team members so you might not have a choice who you’re locked in a room with. It won’t look good if you’re quibbling about who you have to rub shoulders with, and it won’t make a good impression on your boss.

Utilise Everyone's Skills

However, for the rest of you, if this is a friends and family outing, perhaps you’re arranging it as a birthday surprise, then choose carefully who you choose to be locked in a room with. Choose people who you know have good maths skills, who have great ideas, and who is good at communicating? Choose people who you will be able to work together and are familiar to each other and naturally, who also like each other!

Don’t Let One Person Dominate

Yes, you’ll have people who are good on ideas and communication, but what you don’t want is one person who dominates the entire thing. Someone who feels they should take control and work out all the puzzles and clues by themselves. No, that’s not what you need, working as a team is what’s needed, with everyone getting a fair chance to crack the clues and puzzles.

Observe and Pay Attention

Make sure that all of you observe carefully everything around you. Don’t sit still because every minute counts and there’s a potential clue in every book or chair in that room. There’s the odd red herring, but it’s worth considering every viable clue you can find, one of them is going to turn up trumps.

Don’t Lose Anything

Keep track of everything you find because you’ll need to put it all together to solve a puzzle or two, so don’t leave things lying around, or worse still lose them. Everything is strategically placed somewhere in that room for a reason, so you can piece together a clue that helps you get out.

Escape Dublin – Put Your Problem Solving Skills to the Test

Think you’ve got it now? Do you think you’re up to our escape room challenge? If you are then why not head down to Escape Dublin and try out our hints and tips and see if you can beat the 60-minute challenge. We have a choice of themed rooms and you can pit yourself against each other in teams of more than one, which one of you will escape first? Take a look around our website and then why not get in touch to book a room? It’ll be the best fun you can have and it’ll be the best talking point ever!

Things To Do in Dublin: Discovery Trails

If you’re looking to find out all about Dublin and its history, then you might find their discovery trails are a great way of doing just that. While you’re on a trail, you’ll find out all about their culture, their history and how they dealt with a variety of different things over the centuries. For such a small area, Dublin is one of the most fascinating cities, both culturally and historically.

A two-hour journey of discovery

Discovery trails are usually around 2 hours long so make sure you have comfortable shoes. You’ll see a lot of Dublin’s most famous haunts, places such as Kilmainham Gaol, stunning architecture, and famous buildings such as Dublin Castle, Trinity College and the Garden of Remembrance. You’ll also get to understand their history, so you’ll view them with fresh eyes.

New additions, new adventures

There have been new additions to the trails, such as the retracing of the Easter Rising from 1916, six days of heart stopping rebellion, and then a journey that will take you through the past 1,000 years of Irish history looking at the Gaol, the Royal Hospital Kilmainham and the Irish National War Memorial Gardens.

Discovery trails are the best way of finding out Dublin’s eclectic history

By taking these walking trails you’re finding out some amazing bits of history and finding out things about Dublin you never knew or would never find out on any other more conventional trip around the city. Sometimes you might get the opportunity, on a whistle stop tour of Dublin, to visit maybe one or two famous monuments, but that’s only going to tell you half the story, by going on a discovery trail, you get so much more information covering a wider area.

You can test the discovery trail app which is completely free of charge. The walking trails are accessible to all and you can download it to all android devices or iOS. There’ll be audio guides with commentary to talk you through the sites, personal stories you can listen to, so you’ll feel more a part of the history and GPS-enabled maps that will help you cruise through the route which all have stops which are clearly marked.

Escape Dublin, for a discovery trail with a difference - one room, one hour to escape

Once you’ve completed your discovery trail finding out all about Dublin’s history, you’ll be ready to relax and unwind. There’s no better way to do that than by visiting us here at Escape Dublin, where you’ll be locked in a room for an hour. Err, why? Well in that time you’ll have to find your way out through a series of clues and puzzles cleverly hidden in a themed room of your choice – it’s the most unique game out there! There’ll be team work involved and you’ll have to think quickly, so why not give us a call and book your room and see if you have what it takes.

Things to Do in Dublin: Unique Activities

Planning on visiting Dublin soon? If so we’ve put together some unique activities for you to do while you’re here. Dublin is such a beautiful city, and it’s so important to make the most of your time here, so why not do something completely original and unique?

Irish Whiskey Distillery

Firstly, let’s start with a tour of an Irish whiskey distillery. However, this is a new one rather than an older more established distillery. It’s the Teeling, and its inches from its predecessor built in 1782. You won’t just find whiskey here, you’ll also find art exhibits, and of course you can tour the distillery and taste the whiskey yourself and see how it’s made.

Hell Fire Club

Next on the itinerary could be the scare of your life by visiting the Hell Fire Club. You’ll find the club on Montpelier Hill and was once the very place where dark arts where practised. You can tour the club, which is actually haunted by the way, and enjoy some scary stories and possible ghostly sightings. It’s a really unique way of seeing Dublin at night. Naturally it’s for adults only.

Father Pat Noise

Who was Father Pat Noise? He was in fact a catholic priest who died suspiciously after his carriage fell into the famous River Liffey. What’s even stranger is that this story isn’t even true, although there is a plaque in his name. You’ll find it on the O’Connell Bridge, and would you believe that actually, Father Pat Noise is an anagram for ‘Our Father.’ People have actually left flowers here. The plaque has remained as a jovial reminder of this convincing joke and you can visit yourself if you wish – and if you really feel the urge, you could even leave flowers.

Leprechaun Museum

And what would a visit to Dublin be without a visit to the Leprechaun museum. It’s in the middle of the city and it’s a fascinating look into mythology, fantasy and the cultural history around it. The stories around you are in chronological order and you’re bound to find the whole thing a fun and enjoyable way of spending time with your family.

Shopping in Dublin has to start at Grafton Street

There’s so much to see and do with great brands and chain stores and live music acts for you to enjoy while you shop and enjoy the city. When you’re tired and your feet are aching, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in and around Grafton Street, so you can sit down and relax with a bite to eat.

Escape Dublin – A Unique Activity For Those Who Appreciate Something A Little Different

If you are looking for another unique activity to add to your list, why not come to Escape Dublin. You’ll have a great time. You and some friends or family will be locked in a room for an hour, and in order to escape you’ll need to work your way through some puzzles and clues you must solve in order to get out. If not, you lose, but what you do get is tremendous fun and quality time with friends – what’s more all the rooms have a unique recognisable theme, so you can really get lost in your imagination. Come on down, we can’t wait to see you!

Family Fun Activities in Ireland This Summer

It won’t be long now before the summer holidays are here and the children are home from school in the longest school holiday of the year. Question is, how do you keep them entertained? Thankfully, our guide today on family fun activities in Ireland will give you the heads up on where to go!

Bloom in the Park

This is a great event for the entire family, with outdoor entertainment and an area specially designed for the kids with lots of educational stuff. Bloom in the Park is held at Phoenix Park from May 31st to the 4th this year, so put that down on your list of places to go and things to do.

Baltimore Pirate Festival

So why not have a pirate festival to celebrate the summer. The children can dress up and they can visit O’Driscoll Castle, they’ll be entered into a competition to see who’s wearing the most impressive pirate outfit. There’s boat trips, treasure hunt and some seriously pirate themed bouncy castle plus some games to tire the kids out! It’s in mid-June from 15th to the 17th.

If you feel like taking the kids somewhere outdoors that’s more family orientated with the addition of beautiful landscapes and amazing views, then pay a visit to the Cliffs of Moher. Walk along the cliffs, take a look at the seascape and once you’ve had your fill of fresh air pay a visit to the Visitor’s Centre for some souvenirs. You could also take a look at the exhibit of The Atlantic Edge if you’re really into the cliffs and want to indulge your senses once more before leaving.

Lough Gur

Another outdoor venture to try is Lough Gur, it’s south of Limerick City where you’ll find a large stone circle, castle ruins and quite possibly one of the most fascinating archaeological areas. There’s plenty there to keep the kids occupied and fire up their imagination.

Ballyhoura Region

Again in County Limerick and further to the north is an area that’s extremely popular with mountain bikers and walkers, Ballyhoura Region, there’s also a Donkey Sanctuary which should prove a real success with the kids.

Wexford Maritime Festival

Finally, the Wexford Maritime Festival is a real celebration of its maritime heritage and there’s plenty of things to do for you and the kids. There’s artisan food, activities which are definitely maritime flavoured and plenty of arts and crafts, science workshops, dance and musical stuff, as well as fun circus workshops at the Children’s Village. There’s also a Viking tent where you can find out all about Wexford’s Viking history. Children can try their hand at some sword making and even some brass rubbing! It’s all happening on June 23rd – 24th.

Escape Dublin

For a really unique family day out why not come down to Dublin and experience our escape games. You’re all locked in a themed room and you need to find and then solve some cryptic clues and puzzles on in order to escape within the 60 minutes. Can you do it? If you don’t get it the first time, you can always visit us and try again. Book your room today!