Team Building with Escape Dublin

Your staff work like an intricate machine, each team member supporting their peers. It's easy to overlook how important it is to keep the ties between you all strong, and to strengthen your trust, confidence, and respect for each other. Team building activities give you a chance to do all this, and the more creative and unusual the challenge bring offered, the better.

You probably spend most of your time all locked away in a room, so give yourselves a break by...well, locking yourselves in a room! We promise our live escape games will be more fun and beneficial to your team than just another day at the office. Read on for more about team building Dublin.

Team Building Dublin With Live Escape Games

A live escape game is a highly immersive experience in which groups must work together to solve challenges and escape a locked room within a certain amount of time. The specially designed and themed rooms offer a range of hidden puzzles and dastardly clues to uncover, crack, and act upon. All of this provides the perfect atmosphere for team building.

A Challenging Environment Builds Communication Skills

With the clock ticking away, you have to work as a team to beat the room. Team building games need everyone’s input in order to win. Puzzle solving and clue-finding requires a supportive atmosphere of mutual respect in which everyone can put ideas forward. By the end of the experience, your staff will have become very comfortable with throwing suggestions around, listening to one another, and negotiating.

Problem Solving Strengthens Creativity

Being able to quickly respond to complications and propose effective solutions is a useful skill to have in business. Our puzzle rooms are designed to get people thinking laterally, to try and approach problems from a new angle. After an hour of doing so your employees will getting used to this new way of thinking, and can approach problems at work with a new attitude and skill set.

Identify Talent With Team Building Dublin

You will probably find that once in a high pressure situation people will automatically adopt certain roles. It might not be the people you expect, however. A creative day of team building games helps you to identify new talents that in-house training may not be able to spot. You could find yourself surprised at who demonstrates strong leadership skills, and who has a particularly analytical mind. It's great for giving you ideas on how to develop staff skills further, especially if you are thinking of promoting someone or creating a new role, and want to see who would be best to fill it.

Unique Team Building Games With Escape Dublin

Escape offers a fresh take on team building. We create a situation in which working together is essential. Your staff will have to communicate, listen, and put forward ideas. It gives you a completely blank slate – a situation no-one is familiar with, so you can watch how they react and interact.

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