The Da Vinci Room - Launching This Saturday

The Da Vinci Room is an escape game that has already captured the imagination and proved immensely popular  at our location in Edinburgh.

In the Da Vinci Room you will take on the role of a thief, but a thief for the greater good as you see it. Having worked with Dr John Albright for many years and assisted him in 'acquiring' his considerable collection you have gained his trust. Amongst his extensive collection is what many to believe to be the fabled Holy Grail, an item that you have always felt was too precious to be hidden away, it should be on display for everyone as far as you're concerned.

The professor is now away and as you are so trusted you have access to areas of his home and knowledge of security that no-one else does. Now is your chance to get into the room, grab the grail and make your escape!

The Da Vinci Room adds the dimension of getting an item out of the room as well as yourself. Set in a beautiful old study adorned with artwork and various vintage pieces, you will be sucked right into the experience.

The primary focus for you and your team will be code-breaking, symbolism and association problems.

The Da Vinci Room will offer an intriguing challenge to new and returning players alike.

Book now and try your hand at Escape Dublin's latest challenge from Saturday the 16th of May  onwards.