Team Building Activities With Escape Dublin

Cut throat competitiveness isn’t enough to create a dynamic team anymore – and managers are now starting to realise this. Co-operation and team building are crucial to increased productivity and motivation and improving communication skills.

But when managers and CEO’s think about team building activities in Dublin, even with the best of intentions, whatever they decide upon, it usually goes wrong. This is because what they choose as a team building activity is not anything like what it should be.

The same old team building activities...

There’s still the stereotype activities out there sadly – paint balling and word games with post it stickers and notepads, in a tiny little office or common room environment with your managers and supervisors. Or worse it could be with a rather jolly trainer who’s there for the day to boost your confidence and motivation levels with a quick flick of his mouse and a plug of his latest team building book. Other than that you might have an ex-army recruiter, who’s now a trainer and does a great job with a power point display? Nodding your head in recognition?

Yes indeed - but we have the solution.

By now, no doubt, you will have seen our Escape games and it’s whetted your appetite.

And who can blame you?

With our ‘locked in a room with only 60 minutes to get out’ scenario, you really can ramp up the excitement. With our team building method you’ll have a team that’s motivated, confident and valued – and one that in turn leads to increased productivity.

As well as developing motivation and confidence what else should team building activities do?

Communicate – listen, explain, and pay attention

Our team building activities help foster good communication skills, coupled with a renewed ability to carry out instructions, and be able to explain things clearly to someone else in a clear and concise fashion – often under stress. Listening and paying attention may seem unimportant, but they are crucial skills.

Time is Precious

Having to develop these skills under pressure is hard, but that’s the whole point. The team helps each other – but you need to listen hard and put it to use in a short space of time.


You need to delegate skills to relevant members of the team and if you’re under time pressure – you need to do it quickly.

The long term benefits

With our Escape team building activities in Dublin you’ll be able to capitalize on major long term gains for your business, irrespective of size. Your staff will be able to cope with rapid change better, their communication skills will have improved and give everyone involved renewed confidence and a sense of belonging to the team.

You made the effort to arrange the Escape meet, now they’ll feel you care enough to show your appreciation for hard work. And you’ll see results, because an appreciated work force is a happy workforce, and a happy workforce means greater, increased productivity.

Let’s push that stone uphill - together

With Escape team building activities everyone has an even chance of succeeding if they pull together, they all have the same amount of knowledge, and that knowledge is what will help get them through. They have to collaborate, and this will in turn help them to communicate better, and bond as a team.

With Escape you get to escape the tired and worn out old ideas about team building activities and try something new – something that will help you to not only have fun with your team-mates, but create a whole new dynamic with the people you work with, something that will outlast the day itself and live on into every day work practices.

And if you’re not part of a business and you still want to try a bit of teambuilding – then why not? You could be a couple of families, a newly formed club or committee, or a group of students. Come on, give us a try – get in touch today.