The Benefits of Brain Teasers and Puzzles in Team Building Activities

As well as all the fun you can have with our team building activities in Dublin, you can also benefit in other ways. One of these is in exercising your brain. Yes, if you give your brain more mental challenges, you’re going to give your brain a right old work out, and that’s a good thing. This will not only benefit you, but the workplace as well.

Listen to the Experts

There are enough studies out there to prove this is true. Even just one hour a week can benefit your brain, helping you to improve your cognitive function. We exercise our bodies regularly – but how often do we exercise our brains? They demand every bit as much attention as the rest of our bodies.

Studies have been carried out in this particular area and the benefits from training the brain has many benefits. In Australia, they’ve found that carrying out brain games can improve your mental abilities. These studies have been carried out both in the University of Sydney and the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.

You can improve your short term memory, namely your verbal short term and visual spatial short-term memory with exercises like those found in our team building activities. It can also help to improve your working memory, helping you to process information quicker and helping you to carry out everyday tasks quicker.


It’s not always easy to concentrate and focus and if we don’t use it often enough it can become even worse. However, what you learn at Escape Dublin team building activities is that concentration is key to getting out. It doesn’t matter about distractions, you have to focus on the end goal as part of a team. Improve your concentration with tasks like this and you’ll be able to focus on tasks at work without being easily distracted.


Brain exercises during team building activities can help you to become creative. You have to think creatively to get out of a room in 60 minutes and that leads to more creative thinking, adapting to change and helping you to problem solve. You’ll have to recognise similarities and patterns and this can lead to a more creative way of thinking.


We’re talking visual and spatial skills, such as reading directions, driving or reading a map. These skills are crucial to being able to analyse a situation for problem solving, and to being able to find the way out of a situation following a map, or an understanding of how to follow directions.

With Escape, Dublin team building activities, you’ll get plenty of that. You have 60 minutes to get out of a locked room and only you and your teammates, working together, can find a way out. How will you do it? You’ll need keen cognitive skills and once you’ve done it, you’ll want to do it all over again.

Team Building Activities Dublin – With Escape

With our team building activities Dublin’s Escape is the perfect solution to tired brains. You and you’re team will benefit from this great cognitive marathon. So if you want to improve your brain, have a go with Escape Dublin and give your brain a workout. Get in touch today to book your team in.