Things to Do in Dublin on a Stag Do

Our post today is all about venues for things to do in Dublin if you’re on a stag do. We hope you enjoy it and find something for you and your friends to do that will be both entertaining and lots of fun. Read on to find your perfect venue for a stag in Dublin.

High Ropes Forest Adventure

High ropes adventures in the forest with ziplines, cargo nest and rope bridges. You can scale a tightrope and really test your metal with these fun outdoor activities. There are professional instructors so you’ll be safe during your time there, so if you fancy a stag do with plenty to do then the High Ropes Forest Adventure is for you.

Pedi Bus Tour

A bus which takes you sightseeing across Dublin, but the pedi bus is a little different to a conventional bus via a large table on wheels powered by pedals – and you do the pedalling! They can sit up to 16 of you so if you have a large stag party – no problem. See the sights in the best possible way and make it fun.

Indoor Karting

A karting session that takes you over underpasses, hills, flyovers and banked corners testing your skill at the wheel. There’s 60, 000 sq ft of track so there’s plenty of practice available. There’s lots of specialist high tech equipment so take your boys down to the indoor karting area for a test of agility.


At the Kidruddery Estate you can go paintballing through 1300 acres of land. There are some wonderful views, so you’ll get to do it in style. You can have your photo taken too and there are some props from previous film sets, so plenty of entertainment.

Laser Tag

You’ll get plenty of action packed activities here with outdoor laser tag. You’ll get Special Forces laser guns and some military jackets so you can really live it up and play the part. There are trained staff and different games to play so there’s plenty of variety.


Footgolf – a game of two halves, golf and football, or a combination of the two. Your job is to kick a ball into a hole which has its own par, like golf and you need the least amount of kicks to do it. It’s played on a golf course which figures, and it’s so popular as a game it even as its own association. Fancy a game? Then head to Dublin footgolf.

Etihad Skyline Tour

Croke Park takes you above the city where you can see it in all its breath talking glory. There are some important landmarks to see and you can find out all about them at this amazing venue.

Irish Themed Evening & 3 Course Meal

At the Temple Bar you can dance, drink whiskey and enjoy a 3 course meal with some delicious Irish food. There’s some great performances to enjoy and some beautiful Irish music to listen to. A great way to celebrate your impending nuptials with food and music.

Bubble Football

A game of bubble football might be your thing with plenty of opportunity for laughs, bonding and plenty of exercise.

Off Road Buggies

Great driving experience with jumps, sliding action and powerful engines in these rage buggies where you can drive quickly and safely. You’ll be belted in with safety harnesses as they are all equipped with safety features. If you want a competitive racing challenge, then this may be it.

Segway Polo

A packaged adventure where you can choose from an extreme sport, activity and adventure that will be entertaining for both you and your group. Stag parties are custom made to provide you with all you need for a great time, and will include all you’ve asked for, whether it’s outdoor activities, extreme or indoor sports.


Spend time at a casino and enjoy an evening’s gambling in one of Dublin’s most glamorous venues. All the potential for a great stag night.

Night at the Dogs

A night at the dog races could be just the thing you’ve been looking for, arriving as a stag part you’ll get entry, vouchers, meals and a free bet. You can watch from the track or the stadium, and if this is the sort of excitement you crave then a dog racing weekend in Dublin is for you.

We hope you enjoyed our post on things to do in Dublin if you’re on a stag do. We certainly enjoyed writing it. Any questions, do let us know.