Things To Do In Dublin if You Enjoy Live Performance

Dublin is a beautiful city and when you come here you're guaranteed a truly amazing time. If you're looking for things to do in Dublin and your favourite pastime is live performance, then you'll love the list of venues we've put together for you. There's everything here you can think of with an Irish flavour, from Irish theatre to folklore and fairies. So read on and take a look at our lively list.

An Evening of Food, Folklore & Fairies

An enchanting evening is guaranteed with this traditional Irish storytelling, not only are the guests invited to listen to magical stories of fairies and other folk, there's also an opportunity to learn something of Irish history. Alongside this is a candlelit mean and some traditional Irish music. All this at one of Ireland's oldest pubs in Dublin. You'll be able to enjoy this evening of food, folklore & fairies at The Brazen Head, 20 Bridge Street Lower.

The Merry Ploughboys

If you want to hear some traditional live music done the Irish way, then you need to head down to The Merry Ploughboys. This is a pub that owned by the musicians who play there, it's a novel idea and as well as this evening of beautiful music, you get to see some Irish Dancing, so there's something for everyone. You'll also be able to dine here with some of the most delicious Irish food in Dublin. This is the longest running show in the whole of Ireland, as The Merry Ploughboys have been performing since 1989. You'll find The Merry Ploughboys in Rockbrook, in Rathfarmham.

Abbey Theatre

A theatre that offers much in the way of though provoking plays from new Irish writers and artists. There's international theatre as well as Irish, and you may be interested to know that the theatre was founded by Yeats and Lady Gregory at the beginning of the 20th century in 1904. Later, in 1925 the theatre was to become the first state subsidised theatre.

If you love live theatre then you'll find the Abbey Theatre at 26/27 Lower Abbey Street.

Story of the Irish

A guided tour that tells you about the history of Ireland and its people going back 10,000 years using technological innovation and live storytelling from professional actors. We're talking 80 minutes of fascinating dialogue that will give you a thorough grounding on the Irish people and their journey through time, done in the most original and unique way. You'll find the beginning of your Irish story at Haymarket, Smithfield, Dublin.

Gaiety Theatre

Another classic theatre that has a long and proud history (over 100 years). The Gaiety Theatre's been been providing entertainment over the years and through the wars, keeping people entertained with music and theatre. This is a real theatrical jewel and if you enjoy your live theatre, then this is a must see on your visit to Dublin. You'll find the Gaiety Theatre South King Street.

The Irish House Party

You'll find the Irish House Party in an 18th century town house, here you'll find traditional Irish music and dancing performed by those that do it best – award winning dancers and musicians. It's been voted as one of the best entertainment venues in Dublin, in the top ten. If you think this sounds like something you might enjoy, then head towards The Lansdowne Hotel on 27 Pembroke Road.

We hope you have found our list of things to do in Dublin if you like live theatre comprehensive enough to give you plenty of choice during your time here. We hope you enjoy your time in Dublin, it certainly is a great place to work and play.