Things To Do In Dublin This Summer

If you’re spending time in Dublin over the summer period, you’re probably looking for things to do during your time here. Whether you’re here with family or friends, we’ve rounded up the best events for things to do in Dublin during the summer months. That way you’ll have plenty of choice with how you spend your time here. Read on to find some of the most popular events in Dublin over the summer period.

Dublin City Soul Festival

The Dublin City Soul Festival was founded in 2007 and is held in May each year. It’s a great time to celebrate “peace, unity & love.” It’s nearly 10 years old now and it’s run by passionate people who all enjoy creating a wonderful ambience for people to enjoy. It’s one of Ireland’s biggest music festivals, so if you fancy get it over there, it’s around the last weekend in May.

Battle for the Bay

Extreme sports with kitesurfing, paddleboarding, standing up no less and you get certified instructors, so you’ll learn safely and with the best teachers. If fancy some water sports then why not make your way down to battle for the bay, you’ll find the event at Beach at Bull Island, Clontarf.

Dublin Port River Fest

Another watersports day for you with Dublin Port River Festival at the North Wall Quay at Dublin Port. It’s organised by the Dublin Port Company and the Docklands Business Forum. There’s great celebrations with opportunities to learn about Ireland’s seafaring history.

Taste of Dublin

Celebrations of the dining scene here in Ireland is what’s on offer. There’s 4 days of exploring the hottest restaurant cuisine that Dublin has to offer and there’s ample opportunity to enjoy some great food with the most beautiful signature dishes from Ireland’s most renowned chefs. What are you waiting for? Iveagh Gardens in the locations around mid-June for this 11th gastronomic Food Festival.


In Mid-July is the music festival everyone’s talking about, at Marlay Park. There’s everyone you can think of in terms of music, to entertain and keep you dancing through the summer weather. It’s held from the 15th to the 17th of July this year, so find your way down there.

Festival of Curiosity

The Festival of Curiosity is held every July and celebrates technology, science and art. It’s a great festival and one of the best in Europe of this kind. There’ll be a programme that looks at arts and science culture as well as the wonderful world of technology. It’s held on July 21st to 24th

Revolution 1916

The Revolution 1916 celebrates Ireland’s turbulent history with an authentic exhibition at the Ambassador Theatre at O’Connell Street in Dublin. If you love history and you have a fascination with Ireland’s history in particular, then this is the event for you.

City Spectacular

A fantastic festival with workshops and shows to attend for all the family. Here at Dublin’s Square & Cork’s Fitzgerald Park, the festival goes on for 5 days with 3 days in Dublin and 2 in Cork. There’s some great performances and plenty of opportunity for families to have a go and take part. There’s also a pet wellness area for those interested in animals.

We hope you enjoyed our post on things to do in Dublin in summer, when the weather’s warm and the days are long. There’s plenty of things to do here that will keep both you and your family occupied throughout the summer months. Enjoy!