Things to do in Dublin: Indoors

So, when it’s raining, and the black clouds are looming how do you spend your time in Dublin? There’s an easy answer to that, because Dublin has so many things to do in doors that we can confidently say you’ll never be bored. Our post this week focuses on things to do in Dublin indoors, so if you’re lost for something to do, read on and find out where the best indoor places are for having fun.

Guinness, Nectar of The Gods

If you’ve organised a trip to Dublin and you don’t want to be constantly outdoors then one of the first ports of call is a trip to one of the most famous breweries in Europe, and probably the rest of the world. We’re talking about Guinness of course and it’s a great place to visit with an amazing history and full of stories of the famous black pint. You can book a tour before arriving and find out more about it as well as having a taste of this world-famous drink.

Books, Books and More Books

If you fancy a look around Trinity College then head for the Long Room where you’ll find a staggering number of books, and if books are your thing you’re in the right place. There’s well over 200,000 here and you’ll have a ball walking through at your own pace on the self-guided tour. There are signs everywhere and friendly staff on hand to answer any questions you may have.

An Archaeological Dream

The National Museum of Ireland is another must see for your trip to Dublin. This has everything from exhibitions to artefacts, with bog bodies, and some really fascinating Viking items with glass and ceramics which have been found in Ireland. If you love your history and archaeology, then this museum is definitely for you.

Accents of Relaxation

Why not head to the Accents Coffee and Tea Lounge once you’ve been on a few trips round Dublin and settle down in their lovely atmospheric café. There’s first class food and drink served in a relaxed area with superb interiors, couches for you to chill out on and friendly helpful staff.

Once You’re Feeling Refreshed Why Not Pay a Visit to Escape Dublin?

It’s one of the best, most unique indoor games in Dublin, and there’s plenty to keep you occupied. You and a group of friends are locked in a themed room where you’ll be looking everywhere for cryptic clues and doing some problem solving in order to get out, and you only have 60 minutes in which to do it. Which of our rooms would you take on first- EMCU trials or The Da Vinci Room? Do you have what it takes to escape with your sanity intact? There’s only one way for you to find out and that’s by coming down to see us and having a try yourself. Good luck we can’t wait to see you!