Things To Do in Dublin For History Enthusiasts

If you’re a history enthusiast and you’re coming to Dublin, then you should get a good history fix from your visit here, because Dublin is steeped in it. As well as the natural beauty of its landscape there’s plenty to interest the amateur historian. There’s landmarks, monuments and ancient artefacts, plenty to keep you occupied during your time here. We’re going to be taking just a look at some of them today so you can look them up and pay them a visit.

Dublin Castle

When looking for history and things to do in Dublin, there’s nothing more beautiful than its castle. It was built in the 13th century and is used today for all sorts of events including fine dining and conferences. There’s so much that’s gone on here at this beautiful castle from invasions to peaceful rule and your guided tours will do everything to provide the tourist with an authentic look at the castle’s past. You’ll get a glimpse into how the castle’s many occupants lived and conducted their daily lives, giving you plenty of opportunity to explore its history.

Trinity College

Definitely worth a tour into its history. The Old Library dates back to the 18th century with oak shelves and a rare copy of the 1916 Proclamation. And how about the 15th century harp that eventually became the emblem of Ireland?

Kilmainham Gaol

Famous for its ghosts as it is for its grisly history. There were some executions here back in 1916 and prison life was pretty grim. It’s now one of Europe’s largest unoccupied prison’s, the guided tour will leave your spine tingling, so go and visit the gaol - if you dare.

Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane

Like art? If you’re a fan of Francis Bacon then this might be right up your street with an exhibition at Hugh Lane Gallery of Francis Bacon’s studio which has been brought over specially from London. This will include the tools of his trade as they would have been laid out in his real studio.

National Museum of Ireland

It has four branches, and the good news is that three of them are here in Dublin. We’re looking at art and history, archaeology and natural history. It’s a fascinating journey into Ireland’s past, with a look at old rituals and customs that have influenced generations of Irish.

The Little Museum of Dublin

This brings you seasonal exhibitions, a guided tour on Thursdays, with a focus on Irish women’s history. It’s a small Georgian house with all sorts of fascination artefacts such as a first edition of Ulysses and some old bus scrolls.

Pay Us a Visit

When you’ve finished and you fancy something to test the grey matter, why not pay a visit to our escape rooms here at Escape Dublin? We’re the place where you voluntarily get yourself locked in to a room for 60 minutes with either friends or family, and then, solve puzzles and cryptic clues to get out. It’s a great way of testing your problem-solving abilities and to see whether you’ve got what it takes to work as part of a team.