Benefits of Team Building Activities with Escape Dublin

We strongly endorse team building activities and that’s why we emphasise how much they are included in our escape games. We know that as well as being part of a fun family day out or an afternoon’s fun with friends, our escape games are perfectly designed for team building.

The benefits of team building activities prove themselves useful time and again to any organisation, because once back in a corporate environment, team members display the skills and confidence they’ve picked up during such an event.

Here at Escape games Dublin we make sure they are designed specifically to appeal to team building activities as well as fun days out. But exactly what are the benefits of team building activities?

Well because our Escape games are specifically designed to get people to work with each other, it encourages communication. Each team is locked in a room, it may be a themed room, something that will be of interest to the group as a whole, whether it’s a Da Vinci theme or an espionage one. Your team will have exactly 60 minutes to try and escape by following a series of cryptic clues and puzzles, and this will require teamwork to solve.

In doing this, there are a series of skills enhanced, reawakened and newly discovered, such as:

  • Leadership

  • Creativity

  • Clearer recognition of goals and objectives

  • A better understanding of procedures and processes

  • An improvement in a team’s ability to recognise strengths and weaknesses

  • Problem solving

  • Communication & Listening.

Not only that, but it can boost both morale and self-confidence, because as your team or teams are trying to escape and solve clues, they’re finding out more about themselves and each other. They’re discovering new skills and remembering ones they had all along, all of which you can take advantage of once back at base.

What you’ll also find is that if you have any new team members who haven’t got to know the rest of the team yet, and who really want to bond before embarking on a new project, an Escape game will help the break the ice. They will be encouraged to speak up, communicate, talk, listen with their new team members, and an event such as this can remove the potential tentative weeks of waiting as your new team member gets to know the other people in that group over a period of time.

You’ll also have a first-hand opportunity to see which skills your team members are particularly good at. Are they good at problem-solving? Perhaps they’re really good at maths or getting results, or team leadership? Whatever they are they’ll soon make themselves known.

So, as you can see Escape Dublin is the perfect team building activity for you and your team, so if you’re looking for things to do in Dublin that involve team building, you know where to come. We’re here to help you get the most out of your team, in the best possible way, having the best time – so come and see us, and bring your team with you.