Why Invest in Team Building Activities?

Team building activities may sound like a rather unappetising idea to some but it you’d be amazed at how useful it can be to create teamwork, bonding, and helping new staff members to break the ice and get to know their fellow team members before embarking on a new project.

Team Building can help you recognise new skills

It can also pay dividends in the long run in helping you to recognise their skills and character, so they can be utilised to best effect back in the workplace. Today, we show you why team building is such a worthwhile investment.

It can help with building morale

Teamwork helps build morale and by socialising, colleagues become friends and friends are easier to work with. If you use team building activities effectively, you’ll see a difference in your team.

Work performance can improve.

Teamwork activities, such as our escape games in Dublin help to boost team performance and help improve work performance. After your team have completed their activities, you’ll find they’ll have a better understanding of each other’s weaknesses, strengths and hobbies. This will in turn help them to do their job better helping to evolve the business and take it to the next step.

Improved communication skills

You’ll also find that team building activities help foster good communication because by getting to know each other better, they communicate with each other better. Our games require problem solving and cryptic puzzles to work out, and this will involve them communicating with each other throughout. If they don’t, they’ll never leave the room in time.

Breaking the ice and helping out the shy ones

It’ll also help tap into any hidden potential, you may find certain employees have skills you didn’t even know they had, perhaps they didn’t know it either! Any ice breaking will get done in a day, rather than taking months for team members with a propensity for shyness to get to know everyone else. If you have a project in mind this can make things very awkward.

Conflict resolution

If there’s any conflict, then a team building activity can help to diffuse it nicely, where team members can iron out their differences in a more congenial atmosphere before returning to work.

Convinced of the benefits of team building activities yet?

If so, why not try Escape Dublin? Your team will spend a day in the company of their colleagues locked in a room or rooms, depending on how many of you there are. Once they’re locked in they’ll have 60 minutes to get out, and in the rooms, (which are themed by the way), they’ll have to find and solve cryptic clues and puzzles. They may not get out in that hour, but that’s okay, because you can just bring them back another day. Not only will they have tremendous fun, they’ll also have a great time bonding together and discovering new skills. Give us a call and book your room and see how your team get on, you may even want to join in and try it yourself!