The Games at Escape Dublin

The games at Escape Dublin are all about testing your wits, allowing you to spend quality time with friends and family, or allowing you to monitor your corporate team to see what they’re best at, and for identifying strengths and weaknesses. We’re bound to say how great we think they are, but, well…they are. Question is, when are you going to come to Dublin and find out for yourself?

Here at Dublin we have our own special ones which are as follows – 


This is all about well, spying. And in the espionage room you’ll find a room that’s decorated to look just like any other apartment. The only snag is there’s a twist to this room. It’s essential you find the clues and find your way out in an hour – because if you don’t, anything could happen.

EMCU Trials

This where you get to launch yourself into the escape mysterious crimes unit and work through some serious training by doing the multiple-choice test, that is find some clues and then work them out in order to escape within the hour. Can you do it?

Witchcraft & Wizardry

Our witchcraft and wizardry game is all about Harry Potter. If you want to find your wand, which is hidden in this castle-like-room, you’ll have to find and then solve the puzzles first. Although you might find that you enjoy your time in the room so much fun you don’t want to escape at all!

Escape Dublin – For games with a difference

If you like what you hear, then why not book a room with us, either online or on the phone and then find your way down to us here on Aungier Street. We can’t wait to see you and we know you’ll have the best time. Whether you’re a small team or a large one, we know we’ve got the best game waiting for you, so come on down.