Why are Escape Rooms So Popular?

If you’ve heard lots of stories about escape rooms and you’re starting to wonder what all the fuss is about then let us not keep you in the dark a moment longer. Here in Dublin we see people spill into our venue every day and we know how popular they are with gamers, family, students, corporate teams and others from all walks of life. 

The escape games are popular here in Dublin because although it’s challenging, it asks only for one hour out of your life and that’s not a big commitment. With life being so hectic and demanding it’s good to no you can sign off from it for a short time, setting your imagination free and escaping the rat race for just 60 minutes.

Did we say imagination?

Well yes, you can really escape into the world of your imagination, so said Willy Wonka, so while you’re escaping the room you’re escaping inside your head at the same time. Shall we explain? What we mean by that is that the escape rooms are all themed, and the choice of themes are taken from popular culture. They could be anything from Harry Potter (magic), Area 51 (science fiction) and Contagion (dystopian). The ones we have here at Dublin are, Witchcraft and Wizardry, Espionage and EMCU Trials. 

There’s enough room for the fun to begin

The rooms will accommodate from 2 to 6 people, and in that time, you will be in the themed room of your choice trying to find your way out. This time will be spent searching for clues which will be hidden everywhere you can think of. It will be your job and that of your friends to find the clues, so you can crack the code and escape the room within the hour. 

Who Enjoys Escape Rooms?

The escape rooms are extremely popular with a variety of different people as we’ve already seen, but who are these people? Well, we have corporate teams who bring their most prized team members to crack the escape rooms because they’re so good at team building, helping people to bond with each other and grow in confidence. It’s also a great way to discover hidden talents and find out who’s got the best problem-solving skills, communication or analytical skills.

Escape games are also popular with students

Escape rooms provide a break away from the routine of study and work and allows them to relax and unwind with friends while also providing the opportunity to break the ice with new arrivals. 

Friends and Family Groups

Finally, escape games are popular with friends and family who are here to celebrate family events and other celebration such as anniversaries, birthdays, or hen or stag dos. It’s also great for a quick getaway if you’ve come here to shop, look round and you just either want to get out of the rain or you’re looking to end your visit to Dublin with a unique experience.

Escape Dublin – Premier Escape Rooms

Now you know why escape rooms are so popular with the general public, perhaps you’d like to book a room yourself. You can book online or on the phone, we can’t wait to hear from you so come on down!