Things To Do in Dublin: Discovery Trails

If you’re looking to find out all about Dublin and its history, then you might find their discovery trails are a great way of doing just that. While you’re on a trail, you’ll find out all about their culture, their history and how they dealt with a variety of different things over the centuries. For such a small area, Dublin is one of the most fascinating cities, both culturally and historically.

A two-hour journey of discovery

Discovery trails are usually around 2 hours long so make sure you have comfortable shoes. You’ll see a lot of Dublin’s most famous haunts, places such as Kilmainham Gaol, stunning architecture, and famous buildings such as Dublin Castle, Trinity College and the Garden of Remembrance. You’ll also get to understand their history, so you’ll view them with fresh eyes.

New additions, new adventures

There have been new additions to the trails, such as the retracing of the Easter Rising from 1916, six days of heart stopping rebellion, and then a journey that will take you through the past 1,000 years of Irish history looking at the Gaol, the Royal Hospital Kilmainham and the Irish National War Memorial Gardens.

Discovery trails are the best way of finding out Dublin’s eclectic history

By taking these walking trails you’re finding out some amazing bits of history and finding out things about Dublin you never knew or would never find out on any other more conventional trip around the city. Sometimes you might get the opportunity, on a whistle stop tour of Dublin, to visit maybe one or two famous monuments, but that’s only going to tell you half the story, by going on a discovery trail, you get so much more information covering a wider area.

You can test the discovery trail app which is completely free of charge. The walking trails are accessible to all and you can download it to all android devices or iOS. There’ll be audio guides with commentary to talk you through the sites, personal stories you can listen to, so you’ll feel more a part of the history and GPS-enabled maps that will help you cruise through the route which all have stops which are clearly marked.

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