The Ultimate Guide to Beating an Escape Room 

How can you beat the Escape Room game and get out within the hour? If this question has been haunting you for a while, perhaps you’ve tried and failed before, and now you’d like to win, or maybe you just want a fighting chance before you start. You’ve come to the right place because we can help.

Choose yourself a competent team leader.

Sounds a bit ‘corporate’ but by team leader we mean someone who can steer everyone in the right direction and make sure everyone has something to do. The goal is to win, and you want to make sure you’re as organised as possible. The leader won’t be the one looking for clues, they’ll be directing everyone else. 

Smaller teams are better.

Yes, don’t have a team that’s at the max allowed because that can potentially lead to crowding and not enough space for everyone, which is irritating. You’ll be able to move at greater speed if there are more of you so go lower rather than higher in numbers. 

Don’t be too proud to ask for clues.

Ask for clues when you feel you’re too up against it and you don’t think you’ll get out without one. You may be hesitant about asking, but don’t hold back if you’re stuck. You’ll be allowed up to 3 clues with each one adding to the time you have left to escape the room. 

Codes, patterns and locks.

Look for patters, numbers and codes everywhere around the room. Always look out for patterns and codes, numbers and colours. You’ll be given a clue and it’ll be up to you to crack it, so always bring someone along that’s good at cracking codes and picking locks. If you have someone with you who can recognise the type of code being used, you’ll be off to a flying start. 

Communicate well.

We mentioned having a leader earlier, but there’s no point in having a leader if the rest of the team doesn’t communicate with each other. We suggest that you keep the channels of communication open at all times, so you have a better chance of finding those all-important clues. Staying silent and keeping things close to your chest doesn’t work in a game like this, so remain open, friendly and communicative. 

Escape Dublin – the Escape Game that always gives you a fighting chance.

So, we’ve given you some ideas on beating the Escape Room Game. All you have to do now is book your room. You can do that either over the phone or online. All the rooms are themed, usually ideas taken from popular culture from games and films. You’ll have an hour to get out and even if you don’t manage it first time, you’ll have a fabulous time, and you can always come back and try again, many of our visitors do. Come on down we can’t wait to see you.