Escape Dublin - What NOT to Do in an Escape Room

Today, we’re looking at what not to do in an Escape Room. We want you to have fun and we want you to win. You can’t do that if you do all the things you’re not supposed to do and get caught up in all sorts of shenanigans. Thing is, what are these things you’re not supposed to do? Well, don’t worry because we’re about to help you out with that now. 

If it says don’t touch, then don’t touch.

Don’t touch anything that either says don’t touch or looks like you shouldn’t touch it. Normally we would signpost anything we don’t think you should touch, but we’d also advise that if you’re unsure don’t touch it anyway. The Escape Games guide will tell you what you’re safe to mess with and what you’re not. It will also help you to put all your attention on the game and you’ll have a better chance of winning. 

Don’t destroy the fixtures and fittings.

All our rooms are themed, with ideas taken from popular culture. We’ve taken time making sure all the details are perfect and as authentic as possible. This is something we’re extremely proud of and we do it so our audience, our customers can go into the game and fully immerse themselves and have a great time getting lost in their imagination. We’d really appreciate it then if you didn’t damage the furniture, climb all over it or even worse flip it over. You can find the clues without doing any of this. You’ll also find it less exhausting.

Don’t turn up drunk.

We strongly suggest you wait until you’ve finished playing the game and you’re safely in the pub amongst your peers before you hit the alcohol. Turning up drunk means we might have to ask you to leave, and it might also make things unpleasant for your other team mates if you’re so drunk you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Don’t use your phones.

Your phones are surplus to requirements. The Escape Room Games gives you the opportunity to dump all tech at the door, that way you can safely enjoy the game in real time. Don’t worry there’ll be somewhere safe for you to place all your mobile phones, tablets etc in dedicated lockers. You don’t need your phones anyway because the game is all about being in the present moment and not lost in a lit screen.

Don’t take away any ‘souvenirs’ – there’s more than one reason for this.

Firstly, although we have backup items, sometimes if we have more than one person does this we do eventually run out and it can have an impact on other teams being able to take part in the game. Also, if what you’ve secreted away on your body is a key or a clue, and no one else knows about it then this can cause problems for the rest of the team in that you could lose it for them. If they don’t know where integral parts of the game are, then how can they solve anything and get out?

Escape Dublin – for the best real-life games you’ll ever enjoy escaping from.

So now you know our don’ts why not come and join in our ‘dos’ by coming down and booking the themed room of your choice with us, either online or over the phone. By bringing along between 2 to 6 players, making sure you arrive 30 minutes before, so we can brief you, and by bringing your best game face and we know you’re going to have a great time!