What Type of Event is an Escape Room Good For?

If you’re interested in a truly original game where you and some friends are locked in a room with only one hour to escape, then Escape Dublin really could be for you. We love it, that’s why we work tirelessly to make sure you enjoy your time here. We see so many different people, from all walks of life, and you might be asking yourself, what type of an event exactly is an Escape Room good for?

Corporate Team Bonding

Corporate teams love coming here on a regular basis. The reason why is because it’s such a great way for team leaders to identify weaknesses and strengths in key skills essential in their workplace. If you’ve a new project on the horizon, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring your team here. You’ll be able to see who needs to develop skills such as problem-solving, communication and logical/analytical ones – and naturally it’s great to get everyone out of the office and into a different environment., where they can be themselves.

Celebrate Something Special

This could be anything from a birthday to an important anniversary, passing a driving test or passing exams. Whatever it is, celebrating at our Escape Rooms is a really fun way of spending time with loved ones and celebrating that special event. Solve the clues, win the game and spend the rest of the afternoon bragging about your victory – what’s not to love about that?

Students Love To Escape

Yes, students love coming here because it’s a welcome break from their studies, the endless deadlines, the foraging for books that no longer exist and sometimes smug lecturers. Yes, come here and you can forget about it all. Bond with friends, catch up with family and just have a great time.

Date Night

Yes, couples come here for a novel first date. It beats awkward glances over a cold plate of spaghetti, or an excruciating couple of hours making small talk on a walk you wish you’d never started, you’re wearing the wrong shoes and you’ve started the most ridiculous conversation you don’t know how to finish. Or you’re suggested a film you really wish you hadn’t, and you’re both sitting there wishing the film would end. Forget all that and come down to Escape Games Dublin where you’ll spend an hour trying to escape, looking for clues, solving the riddles. There’ll be no time for awkwardness or awkward conversations without end, you’ll be too busy trying to get out of the room. When it’s over you’ll be exhausted, happy, too tired to argue but full of exciting things to say.

Escape Dublin – for an action-packed alternative event

So, there you have it, all the type of events we see at an Escape Room. What will yours be? Will you be here for a birthday, or a landmark anniversary? Perhaps you’re on a first date or you’re celebrating passing a test or an exam. Whatever it is we’d love to see you celebrating it here with us at Escape Dublin. Book your room over the phone or online and we’ll see you here!