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Classic Live Escape Game


Our first game in Dublin is called Espionage. It is set in an everyday apartment. However as you may expect there is a twist. Your team have been challenged with retrieving data that has been obtained by the journalist residing there. The apartment consists of clean lines and minimalistic design to hide a variety of complexities. In rooms containing hidden drawers, locked boxes and other more obscure items you need to try and find where to begin. That could be the biggest puzzle of them all.

You will be pushed to the limit. Code breaking, observational skill and mental dexterity are just some of the areas that will be tested in Espionage. The bigger challenge will be in your skill as a team. Working together brings results, be organised and communicate constantly. Bounce every idea off someone else, as crazy as some may seem they may be the right answer.

The aim of the game is to beat us and gain your freedom. Locked in a room with just sixty minutes to Escape, it will be the quickest hour of your life. The key you seek is in the safe. Can you recognise the hints and clues given and translate them into success? Does your team possess the skills to gain entry to the safe? Do you have what it takes to free yourself from our Classic Live Escape Game?


EMCU Trials

Head to Head Escape Room

Let the games begin!

The Escape Mysterious Crimes Unit are recruiting and they need you. Having worked through your training you now only have the test to complete. 

A simple sit down multiple choice test should be easy. Surely that isn't all that is involved!

EMCU trials is  two identical rooms with identical challenges. Groups of between 6-10 can book and will be split into two teams. Which of your teams has the ability to pass the test first and join the ranks of the Escape Mysterious Crimes Unit?



Live Escape Game Dublin

Brand new live escape room in Dublin.

Enrolment is just 60 minutes away and some prankster has played a terrible trick on you and hidden your wand. Explore the depths of the castle and find your wand before the school bell rings.