Sherlock - The Initiation


new escape room at escape Dublin

Summoned to the aid of Sherlock Holmes, your group of Scotland Yard’s finest arrive on the scene in double quick time.

Something is not quite right here. No one is answering the door and there is a riddle to unravel. Signed Sherlock….



Head to Head Escape Room

Get your white coat and your safety goggles on…

The quarantine timer is set to 60 minutes, after which the room and all traces of the cure will be incinerated. You must retrieve the cure and exit the lab within the hour!

Contagion consists of two identical rooms with identical challenges. Groups of between 6-10 can book both rooms and will be split into two teams. Which team will retrieve the cure to the disease ravaging the city!



Live Escape Game Dublin

Brand new live escape room in Dublin.

Enrolment is just 60 minutes away and some prankster has played a terrible trick on you and hidden your wand. Explore the depths of the castle and find your wand before the school bell rings.